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Recording stops after 1-2 mins of gameplay

It was working perfectly fine 1 week ago and i still can't find any solution of the problem. I tried re-installing the game and PlaysTV as well, but didn't work. Please help! :(

Which game are you having problems with?

Having a similar issue myself, stops recording approx 10-15 minutes into the game..

Read somewhere that a minimum of 20% of the hard drives total space has to be available for it to record, otherwise it'll stop. Freed up 40% percent to be safe, worked at first but having the same problem again, stops recording without me realizing..

Check if it helps you though, make sure at least 20 percent of the hard drives total space is available

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@Ozymandeus - Did you check the location of both your Saved Video and Temp Video folder?

Yes, both save to a folder on my second hard drive. Last night I deleted a lot of things from my original hard drive(not where the videos are saved), as well as deleted all the videos I had saved from the day(s) before, and when I played the game it recorded the entire in game session, which was around 2hours 40 mins

Not sure why it worked that time but not the night before.. I have auto-manage turned off so the videos that were saved shouldn't have affected its ability to record more since there was nearly 100 gigs free on the second hard drive where the videos would be stored.. The Plays.Tv Client itself is saved on my original hard drive(C), so not sure if that made a difference

After clearing space on C drive where the Plays.TV client is it seems to be recording again fine. Hopefully that was the problem. 

@nupuHcko -  I hope some of what I said here(as well as Verun's suggestion) has helped you with your problem. I know full well how much it sucks not having your game play being recorded when you think it is. Either way, best of luck with your gaming and recording ;)

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