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Plays not recording League of Legends while Warframe is open

I mostly play Warframe and League of Legends. I always have Warframe sitting open in the background to check for alerts and time-sensitive things every now and then. The problem I'm having is that if I decide to play a game of League of Legends while Warframe is open, I'll find no recording of Leauge, but usually a several hour long recording of me not moving in Warframe.

Ideally I could just tell Plays not to record Warframe, but since Plays doesn't seem to want to give us that feature, is there anyway I could JUST block plays from finding Warframe or something. I seen one guy in another thread saying to make the directory for the game I don't want recorded read-only, but that didn't work at all.

I don't want to have to close Warframe every time I play League, and I actually just gave up and disabled Plays months ago because of this problem. If there really isn't any other way, I'll take keeping Warframe open like I've been doing for years over recording League games just in case I want to see a replay.

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Currently there isn't a method to block certain games from being recorded. However, we are looking into options that may fix this issue.

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