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[Feature Request] or [BUG] Manual video record using AMD Stream isn't actually manual

Hello, here is a problem I found and believe that it must be fixed by improving PlaysTV software.

Currently PlaysTV allows 2 modes of video capture (not including Turned Off):

- Auto;

- Manual.

Background. As you know if video capture is working it will decrease PC performance, yes decrease may be minimal but it depends on the hardware specs: lower grade CPU/GPU = bigger impact on gaming performance.

Problem. Currently if you choose Manual mode expecting it capturing video only if it manually was told to do so (Key combination) it still captures video automatically with the only difference that it actually saves those into finished files by a key combo. Which technically isn't the right thing, isn't it?

Easy Feature Request which would solve the problem:
Automatic Mode continues being Automatic;
Current Manual Mode becomes Hybrid Mode because it contains Key moments Auto recording and manual turn on/turn off records.
Create actual Manual Mode where only manual turn on/off will be possible without any automatic record in the background unless I manually turn it on.

 Reason. I would like to play games in Manual mode without any performance impact by background automatic video capture unless I manually turn on video capture. And this is my feature request.

Hey there!

Well it's not really a bug since the reason it's still capturing video automatically is for the Highlights feature. However, your idea isn't a bad one. I'll bring it up and see if it can't be added in the future.

Great news! I appreciate for a fast reply and for promise to discuss it. I just really wish I could disable Highlights feature because there are games which need most of my notebook's 2 core CPU and mid-class GPU having ability of manual gameplay capture at the same time.

Thank you.


I play Dying Light and L4D2. Every time I need to have something recorded I can't. Every time I need max performance to a game it splits between recording software. Because I have to disable it for max performance in Dying Light and enable it for L4D2.
Can you finally create a By-Game filter (let me disable in certain games) or create actual manual mode without High-Lights?

I guess it will never be done.


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