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Recording settings greyed out

After starting any game PlaysTV won't record and automaticaly switches their recording settings from "automatically" to "off" and i can switch the settings only after closing a game, but anyway it won't record.

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If the options are greyed out like that, it could be a restriction set if you're still inside a game. 

However, typically I see when recording turns off randomly, it's usually linked to harddrive space. If you're able, can you check in your Preferences for where both the Video folder and the Temp folder are located and ensure they both have a good amount of space?

I have ivariable and lot of free space on all drives for both folders (temp/video). And PlaysTV replay function worked yesterday once after 5-6 program restarts, so PlaysTV recorded 1 of my gameplays. But after this it doesn't work again.
Sometimes i can switch my recording options when im in a game, but anyway PlaysTV won't autorecord.

Hmm okay. Would you be able to create a ticket with logs attached about your issue?

Just right-click on the taskbar icon and select Help > Feedback, and then place in your information. Post back here once you've done that so I can go looking for it.

Now it's working! After closing all of other background 3d applications. But anyway, recorded (fullscreen) file in very small resolution 1920x816 (1/3 of my screen). Thx for the help, from Raptr user, but im gonna try to search some other software with the same good perfomance, balanced comression and with native res support recording.

Verun, you speak about space on the harddrive, my settings automatically turn off, I have 450GB avaliable in storage where I want to record the videos.

@Tewo - Did you check where the Temporary Videos are stored?

It's all directed to the same place, yes.

Ah okay. Could be something different than on your end. I see that you recently made a ticket with logs attached. I'll take a look at those and see what I can find.

I've made a ticket about it, "Being processed" seems like you are the only one here who actually does that job, sounds like alot to handle for one person. Anyhow, it seems like my problem is related to CSGO, when I choose Manual recording in CSGO it say that I get the Error 22, although, I have troubleshooted and I am missing a OpenCL.DLL.
I dont think this might be related to the issue, although the first thing I thought about was OpenGL which was used to play games graphically with the first CS.
So, it is very likely it has something to do with CSGO, I use SweetFX but I am pretty sure that I had the problem already before that.

I'd prefer if you check the latest one out, the first one was... well... crap.

Can you try running it without SweetFX? Although it may not have had a problem before, it would be interesting to see if that is causing the issue currently.

I have the same bug for a week now... When I start playing with the auto mode, playstv turn it off after a few minutes. 2-3mins to 45min for a 3-4hours session.
I have send a feedback aswell (in french), I can send it in english if needed.

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