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Client Crashing Trying to View Replays

In the past, I've used without any problems. The past few updates have messed things up completely.

Video is being recorded, and I can see the clips in the client. However, when I go to watch the replay the client crashes. 

I checked out the videos in the recording folder, and it seems that only audio from Discord was being recorded. Could that be related? I just quit Discord and tried recording another game, and there was no in game audio or anything still. Yes, I have the "In-Game Sounds" option selected. 

I've read about other people having this problem, but the possible fixes/explanations don't apply. My recording directory/temp directory are on a separate drive with 300GB+ space (I've tried recording on my SSD as well).

I've read about the Windows 10 problems and the older Intel CPUs, however I am using Windows 8.1 x64. My CPU is Intel i5-3570K 3.4GHz, and my GPU is Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 3GB. My GPU drivers are updated, and I even tried downgrading a few versions to test.

I just wish I could have the old client back, honestly it was smoother and had less of a performance hit. Nearly all of the functionality is unusable for me now. I tried digging for an old .exe but can't find anything. I think the client forces updates anyway. 

I'm currently investigating an issue with potential client crashes that might be related. It might have less to do with Win 10 and older intel CPU's, but still trying to find a common trend. 

Would you be able to create a ticket with logs attached? Feel free to post the forum link if you'd like. Just ensure that you post back here so I know to go looking for it.

In case a reminder is needed, you right-click on the taskbar icon and select Help > Feedback. Fill out the information and make sure the box remains checked.

Hello Verun, I wanted to update this and say that I managed to fix it.

I tried another recording program, and it had the same issue with sound not recording. That made me think the sound problem was somehow causing a crash in After doing a LOT of digging, and finding an old reddit post from over a year ago, I found out that it was my sound card causing the problem. 

I have a Xonar DG sound card. Within its software, it has "GX" mode. Disabling "GX" mode fixes the problem, and allows me to record game sounds (which somehow fixed the crashes). I am able to record perfectly fine with audio, watch the replays in the client, and make clips.


The only issue I'm having now is that the videos aren't processing and uploading. I make the clip, and click "Save to" and get the description box. I write something and confirm, but then it doesn't show any upload progress or anything. It says the thing about being processed before it being uploaded, but then it just shows a black window (where the clip preview usually is) and a circle loading symbol.


I just tried uploading a video, and sent a feedback log to you with this thread link!

Ah okay. The Processing issue we're still looking into, but I recommend try logging out and back into the client. It sometimes help kind of kickstart it. But please let me know if there is still a problem!

I logged out, restarted the client, and logged back in. I even reinstalled.

No luck though :/ 

Firewall settings and everything are set to let upload, so it shouldn't be that. 

Here is a screenshot of the client right after typing a description and submitting the video for upload:

As you can see, it will say processing under the clip and at the bottom of the client. The preview turns black with a loading symbol. That symbol continues to rotate, and after a short time the "Processing" text disappears from underneath the clip and at the bottom of the client.

If I try clicking on things, the client will often crash. If I don't, it just acts as if I never even submitted an upload to be processed. It is very strange!

Verun, I just wanted to update you on the uploading problem. 

I just recorded a short piece of gameplay using another program, but then had find the folder it was stored it. I was able to upload a clip from that video, but am still unable to upload anything that was recorded by 

The video I just uploaded came out at a horrible quality though. The frames were dropped like crazy, and it appears that it only uploaded one piece of audio (from my mic) even though the recording has both the game and the mic audio. It has three tracks (first track is both game + mic, second is just game, third is just mic) and is .mp4 format. 

The original video plays at perfect quality in the client, but the clip I made from it dropped frames/quality like crazy (and since that was what was uploaded, the upload was bad too). 

Very strange!

Thanks for sending that. I'm going to be looking deeper into it. I do see quite a few FTP errors in the logs, but I'll need to see what might be causing it. Have you checked if your antivirus might be causing it to stop?

Additionally, what other player were you using? I believe I was recently made aware of an issue with uploading if recorded from a different program. Do you have a link to the video?

I don't use a real-time antivirus program, I just manually scan from time to time. The program I used to record videos to test was OBS Studio. I just tried again, and the upload has crazy FPS drops. Here is the link:

Like I said though, videos I record using the client won't upload at all. But videos from other programs drop in FPS. 

Oddly enough, can you try enabling "Optimize Videos for Upload and Share" and see what results you get? (Try both the Plays recorded video and the OBS)

The OBS video still drops frames like crazy:

However, I was finally able to upload a clip from a recording (just a random clip, nothing good happened in it lol): 

The client froze again, but then ~10 seconds later it started to upload (before it would either crash or just not process or upload the clip). 

Obviously the quality isn't as good as a non-optimized upload, but it is a step in the right direction for sure!

Not sure if it was a fluke or what, but I am not able to get anymore clips to upload besides that one. 

Thanks for letting me know. I have an engineer taking a look to see if he can find anything. I'll do my best to keep you posted.

This is a weird problem. The client was opening then crashing when I went to view video...then i had to turn on my sound and it fixed the problem. weird.

Do you typically have all audio devices disabled?

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