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Black screen after recording / Ecran noir après enregistrement

1/3 of Plays.TV's user have this issue, and no fix since 1 year !

1/3 des utilisateur de Plays.TV on ce problème, et toujours aucun fixe !

Et je parle pas des tickets support que j'ai envoyer depuis des mois sans réponse... 

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Black Screen is typically caused by one of these:

  • Dual-GPU laptops
  • Crossfire/SLI setups
  • 3rd Party Programs interfering
  • Running 2 games at once

We had made recent fixes to help alleviate black screen (such as with Windows Anniversary Update). If you are having this issue, we strongly recommend creating a ticket so we can investigate and provide any support we can. 

I see that you have already made one, so will continue helping you there.
I appreciate you letting us know though!

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