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No improvements in usability - Time to say goodbye

For months, and months, and more months, users have been asking for the very simple and easily programmable ability to pick and choose what programs to auto-record and/or which not to auto-record.  At the very least, a localized blacklist of what not to record, or an on-off button button/ability to toggle recording (versus either just always on or only a specific time-frame backwards).

All users have received, however, is just "kicking the can down the road" replies.

It's annoying as F to constantly have to babysit this program, on top of it not recording to the stop and start points we designate anyhow (always 1-3 seconds off) that never gets fixed, uploads that constantly fail and no ability to re-upload unless you start the process all over again.

And good luck trying to get the settings button to work a second time without restarting the computer, and thus any chance of recording highlights within the game that disappear if you log out.

The user base is too small to sit on your laurels.  This performs more like a Beta than a real release.

Can't wait any longer.  There's obviously no reason Plays.TV sees any reason to change unless users make good on their promise to use another platform, so that's the only choice left.

Thanks for the headaches.  It's been real, it's been fun ... but it ain't been real fun.


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