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Is there ever going to be a game filter?

It gets tedious closing the program when I'm playing games in queue, then having to open it back up into game. It also removes the stat linking feature to highlight kills because of closing it.

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Do you mean having it filter out which games you want to play? 

Or is it more related to filtering out sessions within a game?

I don't want PlaysTV to record other games. I only use it for League. Sometimes I'll forget it's on and end up with a 2 hour OSU! file or something for another game.

So are the devs even considering this feature???

I don't need/want to record all the games I play. Also crashes some games when the recording is turned on so I always have to manually turn it off from the settings every time I switch games. This is really annoying and defeats the purpose of it just running in the background when I have to open it up every time.

I also noticed that it records applications that use the GPU like bethesda's new launcher. I do know that the application has a blacklist so that it does not record everything. I just don't get why you guys can't make it user configurable?

So really, my only other choice is to switch to another recording program as this is really not worth the effort I'm having to put through.

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Still wondering about this.

I believe it's still being considered, but unsure of any ETA as we're currently working on other projects. Sorry for not having anything definite.

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