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Disable tray notifications?

Honestly I'm tired of all the spam (every time I visit twitch, quit games, etc). Notifications should be optional.

I'll place that as a Feature Request. Currently you can also disable the notifications from appearing using Windows tools. 

I already tried to disable the notifications through windows, but after some time they reappear.

I believe it was a problem with Windows 10 where it would reapply itself. Can you check to see if it after restarting your PC whether it still appears in the Notifications for Windows?

Oh my god please tell me you've fixed this. It's so fucking annoying and I really want to use this application. Every bloody fucking time i enter twitch theres a *BADDOOOOOOOM* sound "HEY INCASE U MISSED IT FOR THE 1000TH TIME, YOU CAN SHARE HIGHJLIGHTS INGEAGFEAIPGN".......
like for real? sorry for the intense post... just lost a game of league


This seems to be fixed, at least the annoying sound. I don't mind the notification, it just doesn't destroy my ears anymore. Thanks!

Yep, the twitch chrome extension notification should be gone now!

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