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Noticeable Lag and skipped frames in recording

Basically when I was first using it was recording in 1080p 30fps 15mb/s perfectly, never had any lag in game or lag in the recordings was perfect. Even recording league of legends replays with lots going on. It recorded games like no mans sky flawlessly as well. But just in the last 2 days all the recordings seem to have gone very laggy, loads of skipped frames and even black at some parts. In game I wouldn't know the difference as the games run just as smoothly. My didiag is doing my own research, I'm pretty sure my graphics card can't do software encoding however it was recording find previously so just wondering what could be causing the sudden decrease in performance. Here is an example of the performance before ""

 and this is now "" video is really choppy but in game it was flawless. I tried turning the recording settings to medium for league and it is still choppy but seems to be very temperamental.  I'm not sure if it is anything to do with the raptr client that is installed but as far as I know I haven't changed anything as I usually use my laptop as my main computer and this just for gaming.

Not sure why it is suddenly so bad :/   As it use to be perfect such as this video I recorded using it .  Have tried reinstalling it as well and moving temp and video folder to the ssd

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Thanks for letting us know! I have replied back to the ticket you made! We'll continue helping you from there!