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The video stops to record when I alt tab, mic volume extremely low


I just downloaded and tested it. I would have 2 points to say, hoping there is a way to fix them...

First, everytime I alt tab, the software stops to record until I come back to the game. It's not really a big deal most of the time, but can become annoying if I miss something from team speak for instance... Isn't it possible to let continue to record? I don't tell for fullscreen games, but I usually run my games in borderless, while it shouldn't be a problem.

Second, despite having the sound of my computer, of my mic, and every sounds on the software at 100%, my voice on the mic is incredibly low. And since it's already at 100%, I can't really make it louder... Someone suggested me to lower every other sounds, but in that case, we won't be able to hear much as everything would be rather quiet. However, it doesn't seem to come from my mic, since on team speak, my teammates hear me like the others...

Well, thank you for your answers.

@DrakEmono - 

Hey there,

For the first issue, that is accurate. Since the encoding method is tied to the exe, if it has to focus on something else it will "pause" the recording. I don't believe there is a work-around yet that I can think of off the top of my head, but we're aware of the request.

For the second issue regarding mic volume; what headset/microphone are you using? Sometimes you can adjust microphone volume in specific programs by using Windows. Our program should just be following the Windows microphone volume. I have known of some cases where other programs will lower the volume of other programs to heighten their VOIP. Do you know if the same low mic volume happens when not using Teamspeak?

1. Alright, I see. Well, sad to see there is no fix yet, and look forward for the request to be included.

2. Well, I noticed by testing another software that it seems that all of my recording softwares get the same problem, while my communication software (team speak, skype...) don't. I will try to look further about it, and try to run a game without team speak as you suggested, and I will let you know.

Anyway, thank you for your answer.

No problem. Feel free to reply back with the results. You can also make a ticket if it becomes a more in-depth issue.

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