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GTX 1070 Compatibility issue

Just upgraded from my Asus GTX 970 Strix to the 1070 of the respective brand. Played a game of League and didn't see the recording. There's a banner at the top of my Plays client saying it's not compatible. Anyone know if this is just because the card is so new? Thanks!

GTX 1070 is definitely supported. However, I would make sure that you:

  • Install New Drivers for it with a Clean Install (this option is in the Nvidia driver updates)
  • Restart your PC and Client after doing that.

Typically when it says it's not compatible for a card that should obviously meet requirements, it's a driver issue. 

I just bought the 1070 today, so it was newly installed. I'll tinker around, just thought maybe the card was new and it wasn't supported yet. Thanks!

I use the same card at home and it records just fine :-)

Probably just drivers. 

Hi! @Verun, the videos you record, how is the framerate? (Because I'm changing my old R9, which videos were 30/50fps, not a stable framerate) I bought yesterday my new GTX 1070 so I would like to know if recordings framerate are stable with NVENC optimisation! Thanks in advance :)

@GreenDZ5 - Runs great for me! I never really notice it running in the background, maybe unless I get SUPER particular about framerate. This is running World of Warcraft @ 1920x1080; 144hz:


(This is recording at 1080p, 60fps, and I believe 25mb/s in Preferences)

Obviously the game's performance can make a large difference as well.

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