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Plays.TV Preventing Screensaver / Screen Power Off

 Hey All,

So while I enjoy the program, ever since enabling it I have noticed that my computer fails to sleep the monitor after I have played any games. This problem wracked my brain for awhile, and I thought I would just have to accept rebooting the PC every time I played a game.

Unfortunately I figured this out after I'd already suffered irreparable screen burn. But thankfully I have found a solution that fixes this bug in the form of this video:

The process it describes is perfect for fixing this issue, and I have tested it and can confirm it works. I can also confirm that as soon as I changed the settings for playstv.exe the problem was solved.

Hopefully this can save your monitors.

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Monitors have not been susceptible to screen burn for like 5years.  How old is your monitor lol.    But yes I had the same issue and fixed it using this method.

If you don't wanna listen to a 8 minute video do this.
Open CMD prompt as administrator and type this.

powercfg -requestsoverride PROCESS playstv.exe DISPLAY


People keep telling me that, but I only bought the monitor a couple years ago... it was an older model though so who knows. Either way there's a bright white line burned into the top of it thanks to a browser left on reddit :P

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