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Playing in 1600x900 Black borders

Ok, so I wanna upload the videos to YouTube.. But my screen's resolution is 1600x900 and I hate those black borders.. Can I solve it?

If the black bars are in the source video, than we cannot. If it's upon upload to Youtube, then you may want to try manually uploading the videos to Youtube. You may need to use a recording method that supports that resolution more accurately. Although looking at your videos the black bars on the side don't seem to be very large. 

It's in the source video.. why the hell doenst have a 900p optiom?

Most video players don't have a 900p option, as it is currently not a very common resolution and most would fall into the 720p and 1080p options. 

Fk.. If I put my comp in 1920x1080 I feel like the mouse is laggy.. that's why, :C, any solution so?

Well the black borders aren't too bad in comparison to those that record on 21:9. 

However, I'm unsure why your mouse would feel laggy at an increased resolution. 

I can't really think of another solution outside of maybe using a software like Handbrake to change the video.

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