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Pixelated recordings and 4 months old ticket unanswered.

Hi my recordings getting pixelated bottom half of the recordings i got a r9 390 , i5 4670  happens in multiple games and record settings 

and my 4 month old ticket pls someone answer.... "#33532"

New ticket "#42980"

Thanks for letting us know. Looks like we've already replied to the new ticket with some advice. For the old ticket, to avoid duplicate issues, I'll close it out and we'll continue to assist you in #42980. 

I apologize that the initial ticket was not replied to.

Why deleting my 4 month old ticket ? it was about something else....

Dang, you're right! My bad! >_<

Monday mornings are not my strongest times for responses.

However, to answer your question, we don't have Twitch streaming in I'm not sure of the design decision behind it, but that is it's current iteration. 

crap probably because raptr got Twitch streaming but its actually the worst way... tried other clients and obs and all worked better at same settings as raptr twitch....

OBS Twitch Streaming is very good and works very close to what most people want it for, especially for more customization, etc.

nah dont mean that i actually mean the same MB/s quality resolution. i get problems with raptr streaming with obs or competitors like overwolf i dont get any streaming issues at exactly the same settings.

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