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Issue With Hauppauge Capture & Playstv

Just thought I would put this here in case anybody else had this problem and have been pulling their hair out trying to figure it out.

For a while I've been using Hauppauge's capture program to record retro games and Playstv to record PC games. Today I had the strangest problem with Hauppauge Capture, it would start fine, but about 30 seconds in it would crash, whether or not i was recording anything. I spent several hours reinstalling drivers, updating windows, and a lot of other things with no luck. I finally resorted to closing program after program and found out that playstv was the culprit. When Playstv is open (even if it's in the background) Hauppauge Capture will crash, and when it is closed it won't.

This has only started happening to me today so it may be due to the latest Playstv update, and hopefully will be fixed in the next one.

It's possible we might be trying to hook into it automatically. Can you provide the exe name for it?

Hey Verun, thanks for responding!

My path is: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Hauppauge\Capture\HauppaugeCapture.exe"

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