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I have 4 problems!

Problem 1: sometimes records a black screen ( usually the first game )

Problem 2: I keep getting the "Welcome" starter intro and it keeps scanning for games on launch. ( WHICH TAKES A DAMN LONG TIME 17 minutes and counting... ) as I have many games installed. ( Yes ive clicked remember me on the client settings )

Problem 3: When I click on the icon in the hidden icons tray nothing happens and im forced to End the task. Which causes problem 2 ( I think )

Problem 4: keeps opening links via client with internet explorer. Which is pants. I cant see anywhere to change to client to open links via Chrome. 

Ive had no issues then suddenly... 

(106 KB)
(285 KB)
(276 KB)

Hey Steelixian!

Problem 1: Black Screen can be caused by multiple reasons. You can check out the reasons here, but feel free and make a ticket if you don't feel like you fit into this criteria: LINK

Problem 2: This sounds like the issue we call the "New User Experience Loop". For some reason, which we're still trying to pin-point down, it seems like it resets the playstv.cfg file which houses your username, etc. We can also look into that, but you may want to try ensuring that opens in Administrator mode.

Problem 3: This one is odd. Usually users who get this can't interact with the client in any way. Have you tried reinstalling?

Problem 4: Is Chrome set as the default browser for Windows for you? I believe we aim at what the user currently has set as the default. Or are you using a custom/modded version of Chrome?

Problem 1: My answer to all of those questions is no. So I may have top open a ticket. 

Problem 2: This is very annoying it took a whole 34 minutes before I could use the client earlier. Please get this sorted as it can make it unseable. Escpaiialy when I close and open it and it just continues doing what it was doing.

Problem 3: When its hidden, I cannot right click, left click or anything. I have to CTRL ALT DEL and force that sucker to shut down... WHICH THEN causes problem 2 to have its moment:

Problem 4: Chrome is default I havent used internet explorer since the land before time it self. I hadn't seen internet explorer in a long time since plays client. 

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