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I'm not sure where I'm going wrong, but everytime I go to watch my videos that I've taken closes down, am I missing something?

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I'm having the same thing, but only with some clips. When I open an affected video to watch it or create a clip, the client stops responding and never comes back. I can't even delete it.

The same problem here.

There is a known issue with lower Intel chipsets using Windows 10 crashing when viewing videos due to lack of HD drivers. 

Typically it's 2000 series or lower. We are aware of it but unsure what work arounds there are since it's involving Windows and Intel Drivers mostly.

Having this problem on my fx 9590. Very frustrating. 

Unfortunately this doesn't help when I need my videos for evidence in ETS2mp

Now i cant record any game because the game and the app crashes, someone have this problem too since this update?

@Heinenen - There have been others who have reported issues with the 1.14 version of the client that we're looking into. If you have not done so already, can you please recreate the issue and then send in your logs?

To send logs you just right-click on the taskbar icon, select Help > Feedback, fill out the info and make sure the checkbox is selected. Post back here to let me know you have sent it. 

I have the same issue with the latest client, client keeps crashing when I try to watch any video or just simply open up a game session. CPU i3-3250 and GPU Radeon HD 7770. Sent logs via Help > Feedback as requested by Verun.

@Joestuk - I'm not seeing it, it's possible it may not have gone through. Have you tried reinstalling the client?

Try that and see if you still get the same crash. Let me know the results.

Reinstalling just made more problems. Only reinstall as a LAST LAST RESORT.

I did try reinstalling the client before I sent the previous message as well as the logs, and it made no difference. I have also resent the logs right now, so hopefully they will be visible this time.

@Forest1Wolf - What additional problems did it cause?

@Joestuk - Still not seeing it unfortunately. If you'd like, I can make your issue into a ticket and then provide the instructions for manually placing in the logs. You can also check in your Appdata folder for > LTC for any abnormally large (>20MB) log files. If there are any, you can safely delete them. Typically if the files requested are too large, it never sends out the ticket :-/

Do you know if it's crashing all games, or just certain ones?

I've deleted two files from the log (over 100MB in size) and tried resending the logs, I hope they send this time.

By "simply open up a game session", I mean the game session tab of recorded videos in the client, rather than an actual game itself. If I try to click on a game session tab, the client will just freeze and stop responding, and will stay that way. There are a couple of recent game sessions where it will open up correctly and show the recorded videos from that session, but after watching a couple of videos, clicking on another will result in it not responding until I close the client.

If you don't receive the logs this time, I am happy for a ticket being opened.

It didn't go through unfortunately again. I'll make a ticket and respond to it. You should see a response in your inbox.

EDIT -- Just replied back

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