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Stuck on scanning still records my gameplay but I have no way to watch them because it is constantly stuck on an overlay that says "scanning library." It was working perfectly a few days ago. I recently upgraded my drivers and I have a high end pc so it can't be that. Please help.

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Same problem here, reinstalled the drivers twice to be sure... keeps scanning for a few hours and then it freezes

Win10 64

I have the same problem from yesterday. Help!

have it too dude hope they will answer you fast :)

Thanks for letting us know!

We're still currently investigating the issue regarding the scanning for library, and might be close to finding the true problem. We appreciate everyone letting us know. We're doing everything we can to solve this ASAP.

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I found out (on my library) that there were i guess corrupted files on the 13th September. The media player could play all files but if i put those into the folder the endless search started.


Start and even tho you see the message with searching for games and stuff. Click on the option button -> folder and change the folder for video files but not within the folder you are already in. All new videos will be in the new folder without a message at start. 

But if you'd like to have the old videos too, close and copy your files day by day. After you copied one day of videos start and see if the message appears (it could appear but just for like 5 seconds). If this day works go on with the next day. You could also try copy and paste all days but the 13th September and see if this works too. If this is the case some of the files of the 13th may be corrupted (thats the only clue i have)

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@Mat89, seems like my ARMA3 map was corrupted, had to shut down in order to remove it, or else i got a administrator warning.

Removed all maps tough...but its working again now :)

thx alot !

@Mat89 - Thanks for the potential solution for yourself and others! I welcome anyone else to try this to see if it helps!

@Verun - what i also see is all files (in itself) from the 13th that weren't corrupted says "unknown game"

@Mat89 - Hmmm that usually means that it wasn't able to detect the game it was recording. Could still slightly have something to do with the scan. Do you know which game (or games) that was being recorded?

League of Legends is definitely one of the games that cannot be scanned, Overwatch may have a problem too, but I have no way of knowing because i have replays of both of them in my client that I cant open.

@Verun - it was only league of legends with the problem. and there was one video file with only 500kb filesize... but after deleting those files all works fine now. but it took me 2 hours for seperating all files -_-

Same problem here. Also a lot of random crashes in version 1.14 when uploading and editing (when it works)


Fixed by deleting Oblivion videos from recording folder. Thx for tip Mat89


Just get access to For Honor alpha and soon I start playing this game, PlaysTv crash on scanning.. might help you

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