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Unable To Install PLAYS.YV Client Solved !

Hi , I was having problems installing this software and just worked it out , Yippy !

I have W10 X64 1090T @4GHz 8GB RAM 780TI . I went to install using safe mode in my attempts to fault find grasping at straws but this will not work as it tries to connect to the net and you cannot , I expected this but tried my luck anyway . BUT , it then offers to download the FULL installer via browser and I thought AHA ! an option has revealed itself !

So I booted back into windows normally and disabled my internet to get it to fail and the do you want to download the FULL installer via your browser option and then left that on the screen and reconnected my net . Then once online again I selected yes and downloaded the FULL installer playstv-1.14.0-r116157-release 58361KB . I was able to install successfully , just ran it and waited a minute and it was done ! Hope this helps anyone else out there who is getting stuck .

Perhaps it would make sense to offer the FULL installer as an option too instead of just the playstv_installer 76KB so people don't have to follow the steps I have had to so the option presents itself .
Happy gaming all . Now I will screw around and test this software out , cheers .

Oh , I see attach a file option so I shall .Oh , exceeds Attachment size so I can not attach the full installer  . I'm sure they will make it MUCH more easy to access soon anyway as I am sure this will help many people .

If not , just follow the steps I mentioned .

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i had the same problem  but  it didnt worked for me in the safe mode :/

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