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many ppl cant upload to youtube anymore it seems weird that this issues is talking so long for you to fix its been like 3 days already... Are you doing this?

We are currently looking into it. The Youtube upload issue is not as dire as some other issues we're looking to correct, but we will definitely be looking into it. I don't have an ETA as of yet but it was looked into and the issue on the back-end found very recently today.

Not as dire? Pretty much the main reason I use in the first place

As mentioned, we're still looking into it. We have made some fixes to help with the other issues, so now we have started working on the other bug fixes including the Youtube upload. We apologize for the delay.

So did this get resolved, I just noticed a bunch of my videos on youtube I thought were operating fine are not... 

It should be corrected. Keep in mind that it should not affect videos that are already uploaded to Youtube.

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