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Overwatch won't record

 Although Plays.TV has served me well so far, it really fails at capturing my Overwatch moments. It always stops recording when a match starts, then fails to activate until I restart the game. Thus I get minute long recordings of my menu.

I know Overwatch had some issues in the past. My Windows is up to date and so is Plays.TV, since it updates on its own anyway.

I forgot to mention that it did manage to record an entire session once, but it hasn't happened again.


Thanks for letting us know!

I have responded to your ticket with a question that may help us get to the bottom of it.

Any news?

Once again had a small bit of overwatch randomly recorded, but it stopped after the first round of a King of the Hill.


I had replied back to the ticket but seems like you may not have gotten it. It stated:

"What resolution are you running Overwatch in?

It seems like it might be having issues based on that. The first resolution it brings up is "0x0 Windowed" and then can swap back and forth with "1422x830 Windowed"."

I did reply through email.

Either way, the fix seemed to just run the game in full screen mode. I was running it in windowed as my drivers would often crash in full screen. After some windows update this is no longer the case.


Oh weird, it didn't come into the ticket thread. My apologies

Ah well, at least it's working for you now. Feel free and let me know if anything else comes up.

However, I'll keep a look out for issues involving fullscreen vs windowed stopping recording.

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