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Instalation error

hey guys,

 so i just downloaded the Client, but i cant install the Program i dont know why.

The Instalation never finishes after a while a window pops up and informs me about some errors.

This happend twice ( i am Using Win 10 btw).

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Do you have a screenshot of what that error is saying?

Have you tried elevating the installer as Administrator?

Yes i tried to run the installer as an Admin but it still doesnt work 

Have you made any changes to Python structures for your PC?

Have you tried navigating to that file and see what it says? I have a feeling based on other users, but you may want to let me know the contents of it.

no i havent made any changes to Python structures on my Laptop, i only had the new win 10 update weeks ago but that cant be the problem.

Good to know, thanks!

Did you get to look inside the f2p_ping.exe.log?

yes i did, its basically a Word pad Note where the detailed errors are listed.

I think i just look for another recording programm, but thanks for your help :)

I have th eexact same problem. please help me :)

Were you able to look into the f2p_ping.exe.log file?

i have a problem, how can i solve  win 7 amd phenom 2 x 6 4 gb ram 



Have you tried following the instructions that are in this article? LINK

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