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Any word on update? Detailed bugs here.

Since last release it seems plays has gotten really buggy. It may be rocket league I guess after their update things could have changed. Here's some issues I've noticed. Automatic recording works but it won't capture in 60fps even tho option is enabled. 1: Can't add bookmarks to some videos recorded, this seems to be random, I can't figure out why some and not others. 2: I'm sure you're aware that the integration no longer works for pins but does for start stop match sometimes. If you join trainer first before game and go straight to match it continues as if same match. Some times it does that same thing if you stay in lobby for new game. 3: Selecting option to create clip only works about 75% of the time. The other 25% it just grays out the timeline with no scrubbing or cutting options. 4: About 10% of the time plays hangs at the processing for upload stage of video creating. Never finishes and have to force close. If this happens to a video you're trying to submit it will now always happen to that video even after a clean install of plays so that video is unusable going forward. Couple of suggestions that I believe are important to add. 1: multi select videos for deleting/cleaning out library 2: export to "browse" 3: rocket league pin integration for saves 4: a completely new way of viewing library. This current way seems to be very prone to lagging and or crashing and it's clunky. The preview and font doesn't have to be so big. 5: use multiple videos and highlights in a single timeline. Really need to turn the list of created videos into a media bucket and the timeline be a global tool. This way you can grab different parts of different videos and place on timeline. Now I don't know if this is really what you're trying to do at plays and maybe you don't want your platform bogged down with long montages and compilations. Maybe revisit that bc people are making them anyway and are leaving your software to do it. As far as editing though look at iMovies ui.
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Thanks for the nice write-up! I'll give some inside info as to the details of what I know regarding these various problems.

Automatic Recording won't Capture in 60fps: Not really aware of this being a trend. Is it in all games or just Rocket League?

1 Bookmarks: Rocket League recording is not working as intended currently, we do have a fix intended to go out that will correct it. 

2 Pins: Same as above. If it's unable to record properly, pins won't apply to it. 

3 Editing: This issue is very new but we're made aware due to the volume of tickets. I'll need to write up a report on it and check user logs to see if it's a local issue or an error in the client. 

4 Uploading: We've had reports of the Upload issue and Processing, but it's difficult to pin-point the exact reason it's happening. We do have an internal bug ticket on it, but it's difficult (if not impossible) for us to recreate. But we still are very aware of it and want to correct it.

Your Suggestions:

1 Multi-Select Videos: I personally like it! I have already requested that be put in, but the more voices behind it, the better.

2 Export to Browse: You'll have to be more specific. Do you mean Export a video that is already uploaded? Export a video portion that has been Edited?

3 Pin Integration on Saves: I think we looked into this, but personally unsure of the tech behind it or why it's not there.

4 New UI: Feel free and provide mock-ups, examples, etc.

5 Multiple Video Editing: Same as your first suggestion! Although I know we don't want to get too heavy in the editing dept where we basically become a video-editing software, but I understand the request for diversity!

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