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Update deleted all videos -_-

I guess one update first deleted all settings (i was logged out and all hints were shown) and second since it reverted all settings the video folder was set to only 10 gb which deleted all other videos....

okay maybe it wasnt a update but somehow my settings got reverted. how about syncing the settings with the account? so this cant happen again!

Typically updates should not be resetting your settings unless the config file was somehow getting erased. However, it shouldn't fully delete the videos but just place them into the Recycle Bin. We apologize for that happening as it's not intended.

okay i found some but i had 400 or 500 gb of videos. there were only were only 50 gb in the recycle bin -_-

I'm having the same problem, my setting in PlaysTV just resets back to default record directory and the controlling hotkeys. Not sure why, but it is very frustrating.

It also randomly stops auto signing in, so I'll go to record in game and it's not logged in for some reason, even though previously it was set up to auto login and was doing it previously.


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