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Can't sync league of legends account?

When i login to EUW LoL - ImSightstoned (IGN), it comes up with an error on client saying it can't sync my account, i don't think i had this account synced to my old plays tv, but i can't recover my old plays tv so i can't disconnect it? help pls <3

5 people have this problem

please someone help us.. im having the same problem

3... same problem...

fuck sake im fucking like this  cant fucking sync because of an error, can connect my smurfs but not my main acc what the fuck i changed PC and I used playstv in the old PC but now in the new one cant connect jesus someone pls

could someone plz come up with a solution for this situation.

are you smurfing? multiple accounts?

 My Solution: if youve set youre summoner IGN linked to another playsTV account you have to unlink from that one first, in order to record that summoner on the PlaysTV account that is giving you this error. Worked for me, had no solutions and after an hour i found the PlaysTV account it was linked to, deleted it. No problems since (:

Have the same problem!!

Same here !

same problem -_-

same problem, Help pls

@WindVM - I'd recommend making a support ticket about this if you haven't. That way we can work with you personally on getting you access to your account.

I have the same problem. I have already created a Support Ticket but I didnt get an Answer yet. Its been 6 days from when I created it.

Just replied and fixed it for you. :-)

Verun can you help me out?

We sure can. I just replied to your tickets.

The issue you're having seems to be that League of Legends was not being detected correctly. I would recommend reinstalling League to see if that helps.

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