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Very unreliable in general

I've been noticing this a lot lately - I want to save a highlight only to find out that somehow is not working and I miss the highlight.

Sometimes it says "please enable manual recording in settings" and I go to settings and see that recording is set to off (obviously I haven't disabled it).

The other issue is when plain isn't hooked to the game. I don't know what causes it (maybe alt-tabbing?) but it happens often. The only fix is quitting playstv, game and relaunching both which is a big inconvenience.

The issue where it is setting the recording to "Off" sounds like it's related to the HDD being full. Is the location of your recording or temp video folder getting full?

As for the client not hooking into the game, which game is it?

There's enough space, the game is BF4.

Thanks for letting me know! I see more information in the ticket w/ logs you sent in as well. I'll reply there with my potential solutions/problem points found since I believe this issue is not wide-spread and is more focused.

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