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[IDEA] Blacklist Games

Dear Devs,

     I have been using Plays. tv to record my League of Legends gameplay for about 9-months now. I choose this to replace Overwolf, and I must say it is remarkable at how good of a job at does at just sitting there and only launching to record while in game and not something I have to launch automatically! However, as with every amazing software it their are somethings that could be made better. WIth PLays. tv this isn't really a concern as it does EXACTLY what its supposed to, record gameplay so you never miss the best moments, but sometimes certain games just don't really need to be recorded.

     My idea for is very simple, create a option to blacklist specific games that I play but dont really have a need to record. THis would solve my issue of having to delete the 30 in of AFK that i might spend on MInecraft or some other game. Again is amazing and I couldn't ask for better software but I do feel that it would be less of an impact on my 2 TB HDD if you could just add a way to Whitelist, or Blacklist specific games!\

Thank you,

A happy Gamer :)

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Appreciate the Feedback! I'll place it on our list of User Requested Features!

There's this new program that came out on Steam called Wallpaper Engine. It's real nice, it lets you have 3D, 2D and even HTML5 stuff as your wallpaper. I was wondering if you guys could blacklist this software as it's been a year or so since the first time someone suggested a blacklist idea and we still don't have it. The exe's (there's 2) are called wallpaper32.exe and wallpaper64.exe. Thanks.

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