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Client wont record normal games sessions (League of legends)


The issue i have is that the client doesnt record any normal/ranked game i play.. if i spectate someone it does record... i tried playing other games and they are recorded properly and shown in the sessions tab, but not lol games..

they are in the video folder but corrupted.

tried reloguing and reinstalling, still does the same thing.. Casually records 1 game correctly and thats it... nothing more.

Any help?

Windows 10 pro
Intel i7-3750k
Motherboard Asus sabertooth z77
32gb ram
Ati radeon 7770 Sli

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You're welcome to try the suggestion by Nozferatus, but I would also recommend creating a ticket with logs attached after recreating the problem.

To send logs you just right-click on the taskbar icon, select Help > Feedback, fill out the info and make sure the checkbox is selected. Post back here to let me know you have sent it. 

I need help with this problem too, the link by Nozferatus does not fix anything related to this problem.

Did you try making a support ticket?

Yes, they told me to upload logs and I never got a reply after that.

Thanks! I just merged the logs and sent a note to the CS rep handling it. 

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