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Still can't rename any videos in client or uploaded ones ?


I think it's pretty hard to remember every short videos or sessions by date...

I was wondering if one day we could sort videos in client by game or at least rename videos ?

Thanks for reply.

I don't know if we're actively working on that at the moment, but it's very possible we might add that function in the future. 

Kudos on this. I imported several videos recorded with other softwares and it would be useful the client lets you rename the videos so I can remember mainly what game it is, besides I want to name it.

I would like to revisit this issue.  I would love to add #hashtags in order to filter better, and not being able to edit videos is hindering my ability to search videos.

I still bring it up every chance I get :-)

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They should add this! Mandatory!

Yes it sure would be nice to edit uploaded videos.  To add titles or fix type Os.


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