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Brand new high end rig, FPS drops to 5-15 in league of legends.

Hello, When recording video playing league of legends, I frequently experience extremely bad FPS drops usually mid fight.  I noticed with V-Sync off it seems to help a bit, but still drops down to 5-15 FPS for like 10 seconds at a time.  

My new comp is an i7 6700, 16gb DDR4 ram, m.2 Samsung solid state drive, geforce 965 GTXm, 4GB video card dedicated, with Intel 530 integrated graphics.  I am able to play on max settings no problem ever normally with 300+ fps, or 60 capped with v-sync on.

Also on my older Alienware laptop, which is a 4000 series i7, with less ram, and a older geforce 700m series video card, with a slower solid state drive, I am able to record playing with max settings and V-Sync enabled, as well as 1080p recording at 60 FPS, while playing full screen on a second monitor and listening to spotify.

This new comp should not be having any issues.  I have tried recording at lower res and still no fix.  I cannot find any settings that might help with my situation and would appreciate any help.

Thanks for letting us know! 

I saw you made a ticket with the same wording as well. I've requested logs from you since you should not be seeing that drop in FPS.

If you have windows 8.1, you should try this

any solution to this I'm having the same problem in a different game?

@NA4R - I replied to your ticket requesting logs. However, for a general rule of thumb, make sure that the Windows 10 Game DVR is disabled.

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