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Plays is recording In a weird color scheme

My client has been recording all of my games in a weird color scheem ever scince I restarted it about 3 days ago. Here's an example. There were no error messages. It has something to do with the recording because it's still weird colors in the files. When I had my computer always on (and hibernating) the recording were just fine, but when I restarted it a few days ago that's when problems started happening. I've restrted my computer again a few hours ago and it's still messed up. 

(5.83 MB)
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Thanks for letting us know both on the forums and making a ticket. We have several users who are reporting this right now and I'll be working with Engineering to figure out the common occurrence and how we can resolve it. In addition to creating a ticket (and including logs) some other important information can be:

  • Are you playing on a Laptop?
  • Which games does it affect?
  • Let us know any information that changes the effects (like the hibernating you mentioned).

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