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Glitchy / choppy video playback

Hi guys,

So I've been recording for a long time with other software in even better quality than offers, however, when recording with I get choppy videos like this one -

It almost seems as if it's going back a frame or two and continuing playback from there. 

My game is on an SSD, the video footage is recorded on the faster partition of a short-stroked HDD. The HDD is not in use by anything other than, so no additional I/O by any other software or by Windows. settings:
1080p, 60fps, 50Mb/s in automatic mode

PC specs:
CPU: i7-6700K


I had overclocks on both the CPU and GPU, but I removed them just in case and it's the exact same thing. 

Recording with Dxtory with much higher quality and bigger file sizes in the exact same fashion (Clips on HDD, game on SSD) causes absolutely perfect videos, so I don't think is straining my PC any more than Dxtory.

Could you help me resolve this issue, please? I've seen other people claiming they have glitchy clips, but when they provide an example video it looks very different from mine. Mine just goes back a few frames or rather it almost seems like it's merging some frames into one another. Check the example above.

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This fix works best if you using windows 8.1.

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