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The hell with the 20032 error

Frustrated, is the word.

Ive been using for months, even before I used Raptr to make my gameplays. But since a week, its impossible start a record.

Every time I start a game, says "error 20032" and then the program deactivates.

I am in contact with support, to see if they find the cause of the problem, or why only a handful of people have this problem.

To get started. A week ago when the problem started, I was using a Sapphire R7 260X 2GB GDDR5, then I contacted support and I mentioned the problem, and basically they told me to reinstall the drivers, and make a / sfc

Obviously it didnt work. Today, I reinstalled windows because I got a new graphics card, RX 480. Well, the first what I did was to see if works again, and yes, but only a few hours later, stopped working again without reason.

I start thinking there is a conflict with any program, but the problem is, I have nothing installed, just, some games, and all drivers... 

So... well, if anyone have this problem, say it, so maybe the support find a solution or the cause.

TL; Fix 20032 error.

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Error 20032 is a fairly vague error unfortunately: "Video Capture could not start". More often than not, it's related to drivers. However, in your ticket, I just requested logs from you which may reveal the problem to us. Let me know if you have sent it in, but have not gotten a reply back.

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