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I have a problem

Whenever i play a game and i am done and i am watching my recorded game its in color blind mode or some other color. And i dont know how to fix it. It happens to me with League of Legends. Can someone please help me ?

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We're still currently investigating the issue with the blue coloring that is appearing for some users. We believe we may have found what the problem is, but still need to work on the solution for it. Although we're fairly certain that this would only affect those that are recording within some type of Software Encoding (Either Intel Quick Sync or utilizing the CPU) and also playing a DirectX 9 game. Hopefully we'll have it solved soon; we appreciate the patience!

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Without wishing to order you things, I already recommend you ask those who are not touched by this problem to explain how they did it.

@Lucie59850 - I apologize if I don't understand the recommendation. Are you stating that I should ask those who had this problem and fixed it, and see what they did? Or was the question meant for the OP?

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