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Moving folders

I am in the process to move all my video to another drive.

When I move them into the new folder and select the new folder in client option, it adds my videos but my metadata is gone : date added is the moment it was copied (not created like the original folder), little icon with my champion gone and the bookmark gone too (kills and personal bookrmark).

I am mostly playing league of legends.
Any solution to this? I've check the windows registry and found nothing in.

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I've found a file in ProgramData named videometa.sqlite and editing that DB didn't worked out like I wanted. The client kept adding the media as new when transfered... any solution?


This has happened to me as well, I'd like to know a fix. My metadata/Framelets files are all intact. 



That is correct. If a file was moved it would lose the meta-data. It's something that really hasn't come up as a problem yet until you mentioned it, but it was known about. I don't believe we have a current work-around for it; my apologies.

It would be really nice to know how to move things out. I'll try to do things in the sqlite db but it's like the app is storing somewhere else the information about the data...


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