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Too low FPS recording


Since 1 week, when I change my old graphic card "rx 260x" to a "rx 480" Im having serious problems recording with

Ive always using for record cs go, at 1080, 60 fps 50 mb/s. 

But since i changed the graphic card, im getting in all games under 45 FPS and very choppy framerate in the videos, i mean,I play with 60 fps, but when I watch the video, its like 40 fps with a lot of drops.

I already tried unninstalling, reinstalling, and windows its new, I formated 3 days ago to see if that fix the problem, but not.

Already changed directory, from HDD to SSD. Same result, low fps and a lot of drops.

Trid recording games with 300 fps, but always getting very low fps when I watch the video.

I dont understand why changing the card its so fucked for Only start fails since i changed it.

@Xereticus - I replied back to your ticket regarding Error 20032, but this sounds like something different; or something changed. We could still use your logs to help figure this out. Instructions are in your ticket.

Already tied that Nozferatus, but doesnt look better doing that.


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