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I just got a update and now its not recording

4 people have this problem not detecting  Tree of Savior     a game on Steam   anymore    before it worked fine  but since hafter update   its broken  wont record at alll

Same here, I reinstall both and Raptr but can not even record any games. I don' know what is going on. I can't even record Blade n Soul Nor Neverwinter and I usually can before. It's like it will not detect it whenever I start. Can we please get some help on this of why it's not detecting any game we play?

ever since this recent update  this shet is broke!!

Yeaaa, hopefully they'll see this and give us a clear answer why it's not detecting the game when we start it.

i pray to gaaaaaaaawwwddd

All the games mentioned above (Tree of Savior, Blade & Soul, Neverwinter) should be recording as intended. However, to look deeper into the issue, I replied back to both of your tickets and requested logs. doesn´t detect Counter Strike Global Offensive as a game so it´s not recording it.

I cant even record clips.

I got this problem since ~4 days.

@iMxTheiLyRiiX - That sounds like it might be a detection issue on your machine. I would recommend creating a ticket with logs attached after recreating it so we can investigate further.

To send logs you just right-click on the taskbar icon, select Help > Feedback, fill out the info and make sure the checkbox is selected. You post back here to let me know you have sent it. 

Can someone please check my ticket status? I have had it open for months and no reply...

@Verun I sent a ticket yesterday.

And i dont know where the taskbar is where I need to right-click.

Playstv doesnt detect League of Legends, i tried to play osu and i can record. What is happening?

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i have the samen problem as @BadassKiddo, can record in my other games but in LoL just don't work :'c


GUYS I MIGHT HAVE FOUND A SOLUTION: I read a post where a person said that the game wouldn't record for some reason because of friends on his friends list that had strange characters in his name. So the first thing I did was delete everyone on my friends list who had strange characters and restarted steam, Dota and Plays TV after doing so. Then I started up Dota again and joined a game and it worked after not working for months. It's been working for two days so far so try this and see if it helps.

nope, no strange char name on my friendlist on steam. Just waiting on a reply on my feedback from them. 

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