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Mic out of sync/delay

Mic is delayed by a few seconds, tried reinstalling. Any idea why or a fix?

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Im still having this issue as well, been over a year now, and no real fix. 

I use ASUS mobo with realtek audio drivers, 280X card. My windows audio is sync perfect, but when my local mic records its off by 30 seconds sometimes. 

Same problem.

Hey guys,

I just found out that the reason for the delayed mic-sound in my recordings seems to be, that I chose a different SSD for the saved records and temporary recorings, than the SSD on which the client is installed.

I just changed it back to standard, so that all is saved on the same SSD as the client is installed.

Unfortunately this SSD is very small.

So I'd love an option to install the client on a different location...

I hope this helps


Thanks for the potential fix Flyex!

In regards to this issue, we're going to start digging deeper into it. It was not as easily solvable as most other encoder bugs because it's related to audio. The other issue is the inconsistency of it happening. Things we've seen:

  • One user fixed it by changing the USB port his mic was plugged into. It didn't work for others though
  • Some users have it with one headset, but not another. 
  • One user found it was happening because his headset/mic was plugged into a USB hub
  • A user who has the Logitech G430 gets it. However, it's the same headset I use and I don't get audio desync.
  • Sometimes it's consistent (always X seconds off), sometimes it's gradual (gets worse over time)
  • Flyex mentions recording to a different SSD than the one Plays is installed to. But that's a similar config I use personally and there is no audio desync. 

So the reason for the above statements is just to show that it's hard to tell what is causing it. But it definitely seems like it's hitting enough people for us to heavily investigate. I only hope that we can find a solution that can help everyone having this, and not just users with specific symptoms or factors.

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Hello, i have this issue as well, i tried both reinstalling the client and move the recording folders to the same as my install folder. but i have noticed that my recording is fine at session start and get more and more out of sync the longer i play. 

I use a "Turtlebeach - Earforce Z60" headset, wich uses an external sound-card. i don't know if that is the issue or not because i have no other mic/headset to test with. 

I have this issue as well. It seems like it gets worse the longer the footage is. If I game for 2 hours, and review 1 hour and 50 minutes into the gameplay, my mic is out of sync 2-3 seconds.

That being said -- I do not use a USB microphone. I am using the Realtek onboard BS for my microphone and an external USB DAC (FiiO-E10K) for my output...

So maybe it's an issue with those of us who have multiple sound devices on our computers. 

FWIW, I recently upgraded from an Intel system w/ AMD Fury to a Ryzen system with a 1080 and the issue whatever the issue was survived a reinstallation of Windows. 

Also, temp directory and game storage directory are on the same volume, in different directories. plain HDD.. 

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