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Playstv wont record a game it previously recorded in the past

Recently Playstv will not longer acknowledge Dragon Nest(Steam) as a game anymore and will not record anything whether it's settings set to Automatic or Manual recording.

This is odd for me because I've had it recorded in the past but refuses to record anymore afterwards.

Here's when the problem started:

* On Day 1 I've had Playstv installed for a long time (about a year). Decide to play Dragon Nest(Steam) and go on playing it. Playstv records Dragon Nest(Steam) just fine and I actually upload some clips.

Example: Super Weird Glitch

* On Day 2 upon starting my computer I was instantly notified of a message of a certain program proxy not working due to a missing .dll file. It didn't specify what program it was so I cast it aside. 

Later I find out it was Playstv that was actually missing a .dll file and wouldn't start up at all. I decide to reinstall the program to fix the problem.

Playstv is reinstalled, it picks up my previous library and everything is fine. However now whenever I play Dragon Nest(Steam) again it no longer picks it up as a game and cannot record it whatsoever.

In short: Playstv no longer records a specific game after reinstalling the program.

Are there any tips for this? I haven't tried reinstalling again but other than that I'm not sure what I can do to fix this.

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I'm not sure what is going on, but it seems like its missing a file to detect games atm. As of now, i haven't been able to record any games before and after reinstalling I just hope they are researching and see what the problem is atm. there seems to be a lot of problems happening atm too. Hey people! give us some answers already and plz don't say about feedback cause i'm still waiting on my ticket to be answered with the feedback i did like instructed in the mail

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