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RocketLeague lag due to

Since a couple of months my Rocketleague starts lagging when is recording my gameplay. I used before for a really long time (couple of months), and didn't got any problems. I use the mode where you make a highlight of the last 30 seconds.

When i close and start playing Rocketleague it runs really smooth. I can't find any reasons why my game starts lagging when is open. 

Crazy thing is, this doesn't happen when playing other games (counterstrike/bf1)

How can I fix this?

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This is also happening to me. For me, it's Rocket League, CSGO, and sometimes League of Legends. Closing PlaysTV stops the lag. I've uninstalled and reinstalled PlaysTV and the lag persists.

If you're having this problem I highly recommend creating a ticket with logs via the feedback tool and explaining the situation there. We're currently investigating issues involving in-game lag with games. 

To send logs you just right-click on the taskbar icon, select Help > Feedback, fill out the info and make sure the checkbox is selected.

I went ahead and submitted the logs. Hopefully this can be resolved soon.

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