Start a new topic VS PRemiere Pro has to develope the software, because the highlights editor isnt really usable and the output files arent compatible with premiere pro.

Has anybody a working solution how to edit the files with premiere pro?

Premiere usually works with videos that have constant framerate. Since our recordings are variable framerate, you may need to change that in a program like Handbrake. 

 thanks verun, can you tell me more about that?

Handbrake is a video transcoder; thus it can change videos into different types. 

Constant Framerate is used in a lot of tv/movies/professional recording. When space isn't an issue, it's good to use.

We use Variable Framerate. It records the framerate based not on a set number, but can fluctuate based on the gameplay itself. So things like loading times, or where not much is moving, can make it look like it has lower FPS.

Variable Framerate when trying to be placed in a video editor (not equipped to handle that type) can desync the audio, or not show video. Using Handbrake to change it to a Constant Framerate video file, should allow it to be used in Adobe Premiere.

this is true. The original output file is MP4 but will only open as audio in PREMIERE PRO

But if you handbrake the output file into a constant fps you are no able to see the video and audio after importing the output video into your timeline

Are you talking about Premiere's timeline, or Play's timeline?

It's possible something could have changed since we typically don't do that much testing involving it. 

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