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Issue with delayed sound from mic

 So far Play tv has been working great. While there is some stuttering on the videos from time to time, it seems to be during highly insane teamfights (I mainly am recording Overwatch) and since I play on higher graphic settings I understand it has a hard time keeping up.

That's not my issue however. The problem is the sound from my microphone. There is about a 5-8 second delay between when I actually spoke in game vs when it plays through the video. The in game audio and audio from my teammates mics are fine. It's only my own microphone that has this delay. I've searched through the support articles and could not find anything related to this issue. Does anyone have any tips on how to fix this?

I just rewatched some footage I uploaded through the client and it seems the in game audio is delayed as well, but only by about 1-1.5 seconds. Not as bad as my mic but still enough that it's out of sync with the video.


There are a few details we'll need to check this out further. 

For instance, which headset/microphone are you using?

Does the delay in the microphone get worse as game time progresses?

Does it happen in every game, or just some?

I'd recommend creating a ticket for this problem as well if you haven't. 

I'm using a Logitech G230 headset and the microphone does seem to get a bit worse as game time progresses. Starts out with a 1 or 2 second delay and by the end of the video will be as bad as 3-8 seconds.

This happens in Overwatch, I have not tested any other games, I'll do so today. And I just submitted a ticket on the issue.


Thanks! I'll take a look!

5 Months later there is still no fix to this problem...

I have this problem as well. The game sound for the most part is good, as well people talking to be in discord. However sound from my mic is delayed by about 2 seconds. So people answer my question before I ask it!! Very frustrating.

It's something that we're still investigating. Unfortunately, it's very difficult to determine what's causing it; let alone fixing it. There is also the case where someone will get Microphone Audio Desync with a particular headset....but then another user with the same headset does not get it.

From what we see, it should be recording your audio at the exact same time as it's recording the video. It's possible that something is delaying the audio encoding for the microphone, but our logging isn't going to have anything showing that. 

I'm setting up a time in the near future to borrow some audio hardware from a fellow employee to see if we can recreate the issue. Hopefully we'll get some internal results and see if we can get closer to figuring out the main issue.

I am willing to volunteer my time to help you get to the root of this problem. 

I can provide logs, testing, technical advice as I am a software engineer by trade.

I have tested two microphones both having the issue. All sound is in sync except sound directly coming through my microphone. I use a program called Discord to talk to others and I use push-to-talk for my mic. It plays a beep when I press and release the PTT key. In the raw playback I get the first beep, a delay and then my voice; however the release beep plays in the middle of whatever I was saying.

I will do some testing on my end to try and narrow down the issue. If you have anything you want me to test I am more than willing to help resolve this issue.

@Typ3Cast - Any help or data is appreciated! 

A few things if you don't mind testing:

  • Does it happen in all games, or just certain ones?
  • What if it was plugged into a different USB port (if applicable)
  • USB 2.0 vs 3.0?
  • Single or Stereo Mic?
  • Make/Model of the Microphone/Headset

I'm having the same problem as well (mic audio is about 1-2 seconds delayed from video/game audio). I'm using an Audio Technica AT2020USB+. Here's some data you requested:

  • It happens in all games.
  • Different USB port changes nothing.
  • USB 2.0/3.0 makes no difference.
  • Recording in stereo (2 channel input).
  • Make/model mentioned above.

Some extra data: 
I never had this problem before I reinstalled PlaysTV. I was doing a cleanup of my PC and ever since I installed it again it started having this problem. So surely it can't be a hardware issue.

Hey guys,

I just found out that the reason for the delayed mic-sound in my recordings seems to be, that I chose a different SSD for the saved records and temporary recorings, than the SSD on which the client is installed.

I just changed it back to standard, so that all is saved on the same SSD as the client is installed.

Unfortunately this SSD is very small.

So I'd love an option to install the client on a different location...

I hope this helps


My microphone has almost a 20 second delay. trying to see if plays is put on a special place but they're together as it should be. it's quite annoying. And also there is only my microphone that doesnt keep up to speed.

For me, it all depends on video length. For instance, in a twenty minute video, it's always in-sync (or at least close enough that I can't tell). Once you start stretching to two hours, it becomes noticeable, then by three hours, it's up to a 15 or 20 second delay.


Bump. Any update yet? I have the same issue and its driving me mad that my recordings of memorable moments just get screwed up by the mic input delay... overall audio is perfectly in sync, just my mic input is out of sync.
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