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Can't choose the 60 fps option

I'm really confused about this when i'm avalible to stream in obs with 720 60 fps 

and still can't use plays tv with 60 fps.. anyone know any solution

pc specs:

i7-3770 3.4 (3.9 turbo mode)

Nvidia GT 645 

16gb of ram (can't remember the factory name)

(25.8 KB)

Unfortunately, we do not support 60 FPS for chipsets that do not meet the requirements for Hardware Encoding. I don't believe the GT 645 has that, so it's lowered to 30 FPS. 

As for why it's different, OBS using different encoding methods than us.

So if i upgrade to a new nvidia gtx 1070 i should be avalible to set it to 60 fps ?

Correct. That card easily meets the standards for Hardware Encoding, as well as many other features :-)

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