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How are people recording DOOM?

 I see videos fo Doom, even Doom using Vulkan in my feed.  How are people recording them with

Currently with our encoder, Nvidia cards will work to record Doom but AMD cards will not.

Considering this is part of the AMD Gaming Evolved, that's not the best.  I hope its being worked on.


i second that i have an r9 290x and i want to show this game and card off to friends with playtv this is not good ! plz sort it out !

This is more of an issue with AMD VCE being unable to tie in well with Doom 2016, more than just a issue. Even OBS cannot tie in via VCE directly. However, OBS can get around this by utilizing Screen Recording by using the monitor as the source (as opposed to the exe). We currently don't have that function, so it's not something we can do. 

I want to say (from what I remember hearing) that it's due to the OpenGL that Doom runs.

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