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I have been searching for a less intensive recording system for PC since my Elgato software, for whatever reason, decided to be way more intensive to my PC than before. I tried OBS, that used to work fine, now doesn't work without dragging my PC down while playing the game I am trying to record. 

I had no idea AMD products had built into it. It worked FLAWLESSLY when I first tried it. The games I play normally is CS:GO and Rocket League. Two days had went by and I thought, "man why hadn't I heard of this sooner." That's when problems started. It cuts my FPS on CS:GO in half, actually more than that now while recording live. Recording demos/saved games is a different story as it still works pretty well. 

Live recording though, I used to be able to record at 720p at 60 FPS, at 20 Mb/s. Now the program completely bogs down any game I play when I try to record live. They have updated this program twice, maybe three times since I started using it. What changed?

I don't understand the need for recording softwares to update these, to be MORE intensive than they already are. I get no warnings when recording. The real problem is, WHY IS THIS PROGRAM DESTROYING MY FRAMES WHEN I'M NOT EVEN RECORDING? I don't get it. 

I never checked the memory usage when I started because it obviously was using a small amount considering I wasn't dropping any frames while in game. As I look now, it's using just as much as my browser when open and is causing considerable performance issues when playing.

I don't know what it is, but whatever was done to the program was a bad idea. I can't even have it open now because of the issues with CLEAR frame drops. Looking at the program, I used to be able to close the "my feed" page and still record with no problem. Now, they don't allow you to close that page which I know is the root of the problem because for some odd reason they feel the need to show you all these videos..................WHEN YOU ARE NOT BEING FOLLOWED OR FOLLOWING ANYONE. I currently have zero followers, and am following no one. Yet this program feels the need to use up more resources to show me videos made by people I am not following or being followed by. 

This "my feed" page, GET RID OF IT. It does nothing for me. Most of us that record games upload it to YouTube and share it with people there. There is no reason whatsoever to have this page.....AT ALL. All it does is compromise the quality of the game you're playing. If you're not going to get rid of it, at least give us the option to disable it freeing up space on our PCs to able to record efficiently. I have no need for all these suggested videos and streams, who would? 

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I appreciate the feedback!

The first implementation of the "My Feed" was definitely a resource hog and we were aware of that. However, since 1.15 we recently upgraded the back-end code so it should not be as heavy on the CPU or Memory. You are correct that it does use more memory when the "My Feed" page is open; however are you still getting increased memory/cpu usage when it's on a different page, or even closed?

The frame-rate dropping in CS:GO might actually be a bug that some users have recently been mentioning. If you'd like, you can send in a ticket with logs attached and we can investigate possibly why that might be the case. 

Either way, as mentioned, we appreciate the feedback regarding the My Feed function and I'll relay it to our product team.

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When I actually try and close the "my feed" page, it doesn't allow me to record anything. I checked my task manager after closing it and there is still a lot of resources being used still. The thing with CS:GO is I used to be able to cap the FPS while recording live at 60 FPS in game and the game ran smooth as butter. With the game's FPS uncapped I get from 90-100 FPS. As I've said, with merely opened it drops my FPS to about 25-40 FPS which is pretty significant. I literally can't even just have the program open without it effecting my game now. 

Sorry about the OP, I know it was a rant and probably came off as whiny, but I'm just frustrated because every software I have tried has eventually turned more resource intensive. I really thought I had finally found one that wasn't after months of trying different ones. I get what the program is going for with the whole "video game instagram" type of thing, but for me I don't need all that traffic. Much rather sacrifice that for better performance. As I've suggested they should really give you the choice or make that page expandable rather than just being on all the time.

I don't know, as I've said it started off really great for me. After these updates it got worse, way worse. Not just with CS:GO, it does the same thing to Rocket League

It does the same to Rocket League. Normally on CS:GO I will get 90-100 FPS constantly. When merely having the app open, it drops to 25-40 FPS. That's being generous. 

When I close the feed page, it doesn't let me record and looking at the task manager it actually doesn't help anything.

Wow, that is really odd. If anything, we've been attempting to improve performance rather than drop it lately. It seems like more is going on here though. 

Any chance you can recreate the problems you're seeing and then send in a ticket with logs attached? I'd be interested to further investigate this issue.

To send logs you just right-click on the taskbar icon, select Help > Feedback, fill out the info and make sure the checkbox is selected. Post back here to let me know you have sent it. 

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