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Doesnt work 0xc000007b

Hello guys i have any problem, after reinstall my system Windows 7 (64bit)

PlaysTv Dont work, reason : Application dont work (0xc0000007b). I was installed all library Windows C++ and DirectX. Any idea for this fix problem? Sorry for my bad english, and  cheers.

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We're currently looking into this error since it seems like it only recently started popping up. Have you created a ticket regarding this problem yet?

all the time there, I think that will help restart the system Win7 again... Cheers


If you're seeing the error above, this is a Windows error that can be resolved through a number of methods. Please find solutions in the linked article:

We're still investigating this issue with regard to our programs, so if you try the solutions in the article, please let us know what worked for you and what didn't by e-mailing us at or opening a support ticket for direct assistance. Thanks!