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I wanted to share with you guys the final solution of people who have difficulties launching the Client

So . This problem . was encountred by many many many people who are pretty disappointed on how the Client can't start for them . And for now . I see no trace of this solution in the forum .Also , I had this problem too.I found out  this solution today :


To run the client . your monitor must be set on 60 Hertz Minimum refresh rate :D So that's it . You just need to modify your monitor's refresh rate . To do so , follow me :

                          a little right click on the desktop . click on screen resolution . And then click on Advanced settings . :D a new screen will pop-up showing you your video card . Click on the screen tab then you can change the refresh rate along with the colors :D . Hope this works for you . And if anyone of you guys saw that this didn't help . Tell me at the coments section please <3 . Good game 

Very interesting that those steps worked for you. What was the problem you were encountering before?

EDIT -- Ah, nevermind! I found the ticket you initially made.

Were you initially running at 144hz?

well this issue is that the client doesn't start . And only the uplauncher applies the new updates to the client . But when it finishes . It doesn't start . And i have this process in the task manager "Playstv*32" . I was running at 49 Hz please help me in the ticket it's been 20 Days no one replied . My agent was TrieuValor . And seems like he's not replying to me anymore T_T

I apologize for the delay. I'll go ahead and take over the ticket and start responding to it.

My client won't start at all (doesn't even show up in task manager) and this fix didn't work for me. Initially I was on 40hz but switch to 60hz + reinstall/restart didn't help unfortunately. 

We've had a case where a recent user mentioned that his video drivers did not install correctly. Have you tried manually reinstalling your video drivers (as opposed to download/install through a program)?

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