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Overwatch sync problem

 Hi guys, everytime I try to link my Overwatch profile to, it tells me, that this profile can't be synchronized.

Anyone got a solution? It worked before, but this is a new profile. Is that the problem? That its already linked to another profile? But then again, I was able to connect YouTube, Steam and Twitch, which also were linked to the other profile.

Hopefully someone could help, ty :)

Allright, once again thanks for the quick reply!

I'll just wait :) Keep up the good work!

Unfortunately, it's just bad timing in this case :p

Just this morning we found that the Overwatch integration isn't working due to their Holiday update. We're still currently investigating it and I don't have any other info besides that right now.

I'll do my best to keep you up to date though!

Heyho, sorry it took so long. First, thanks for your quick answer and help!

None of that was the problem, I managed to get my old account back, delete the links there and then relogging into this new account to link it with it. Worked fine.

But now I have a new problem;
I can't link my account anymore. Theres no button to do it manually and the typical "is it you?" message doesnt pop up. Tried reinstalling both and, neither helped. It's all running as admin, tried starting first, tried starting first, stopped every single process in the task manager and then started them again and so on. Nothing helped :(
Now, when I record Overwatch, it doesn't show me marks in the clip, like the kill-marks oder death-marks.. It did before, when I was able to link both, Overwatch AND

Any clue on how to solve that? :)


Typically most issues where it is unable to bind to Overwatch is because is not detecting it correctly. 

You can try the following:

  • Open client as Administrator
  • Try opening Overwatch directly from it's exe (bypassing the Launcher)
  • Use the Scan/Repair Tool in the Launcher for Overwatch to rebuild files
  • Lastly, you can try uninstalling then reinstalling Overwatch (This is almost guaranteed to work, but we understand it can be a pain. So please try the other steps first)
Let me know the results!

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