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Upload video (already ready in .mp4) to my account

I have some problems with recording videos using because my game screen was in most the cases full black with the audio from the game playing. I started using OBS to stream and record my games but I want to upload to my best moments because I love the snap concept of highlights provided by plays tv philosophy.

I crop my OBS record using FFmpeg (, sorry I'm geek xD) and I copy it to my plays tv directory to make the upload using plays tv client. Result: it created a green screen video with a lot of green pixels all over the video.

I just want to know if is possible to upload a simple video (.mp4 of course) to plays tv (on a browser) in the way we can do on Youtube.

There is a screenshot attached.

Good Game,

Hugo Silva

(1.41 MB)

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You may have to use Handbrake to make adjustments to the video before uploading. Because OBS uses a different encoding method, there can be issues when trying to go from one system to the other.

For Handbrake you can try making sure the video is set to Constant Framerate and audio is set to Stereo.

Let me know the results.

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Hello Verun, it works, the video is now with no green pixel screen, but it has a problem. Is lagging and the original is totally smoother. My plays Tv configuration is 1080p with 60fps, i really dont know why plays Tv encoder gives so much problem.

Video encoded by plays Tv:

Video encoded by handbrake:

Thank you for your help :)

I do know there is a FPS limitation on videos below 100 views, but it shouldn't be THAT much of a difference (it's 30fps vs 60fps). 

Are you using H.264 VCE Encoding for Handbrake?


I have the same problem, someone did fixed it?

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